The area of expertise of the Graduate Program in Applied Economy is APPLIED ECONOMY, and their respective lines of research are:

AGRIBUSINESS ECONOMICS – This line covers issues related to the agricultural economy: competitiveness of agroindustrial chains; organization and agroindustrial system strategies; structures and performance of agroindustrial markets; analysis of supply, demand and prices of products and agricultural inputs; coordination of agroindustrial chains; and futures and options markets;

INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY – The main topics of this research line deal with interest rates, exchange rates and external shocks; International capital flows and foreign direct investment; fiscal deficit and sustainability of the current account deficit; formation of regional trade and balance of trade agreements; the World Trade Organization (WTO) and multilateralism; and international negotiations, democracy and social development;

ECONOMICS NATURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES – This research covers topics related to economics of climate change; management of the environment and natural resources; economic evaluation of environmental impacts; agricultural development and sustainability; and saving natural resources and,

ECONOMIC AND DEVELOPMENT POLICY – The main topics covered in this line are macroeconomic policies and economic development; sectoral policies and government intervention; economic and social evaluation of programs, projects and public policies; conditions and determinants of poverty; training, development and distribution of income; and regional and agroindustrial development economics.